Why Google Ads Suspended Account for Airlines Flight booking Campaign and How I Restore it.

Why Google Ads Suspended Account for Airlines Flight booking Campaign : Working with Google requires smart decisions. It doesn’t accept any unwanted activity. Google directly suspended the account.

Why is the PPC account for Google Ads suspended for airline flight booking call generation?

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Main Reasons for Why Google Ads Suspended Accounts for the Airlines Flight Booking Campaign?

There are a few main reasons behind the suspension of the travel calls campaign account:

  • The main reason is using trademark Issues such as Delta Airlines and American Airlines try not to use them when running Google Ads campaigns for flight booking.
  • Invalid API
  • Incomplete Policies and terms and conditions
  • Unstructured website and popups
  • Lake of Knowledge: Adwords Account Setup and Management
  • Invalid Payment method
  • Not following the UI/UX guidelines

Major reasons:

  • Flight Booking Google Ads account suspended suspicious payments
  • Airlines Google Ads account suspended, circumventing systems
  • Travel calls Google Ads campaign account suspended for no reason
  • Aviation Google Ads account suspended unpaid balance
  • Google Ads campaign account suspended reddit
  • Google Ads PPC account suspended suspicious payments activity
  • Unacceptable business practices policies

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Why Google Ads suspended accounts for the Airlines Flight Booking campaign :

  1. Google is very serious about policy violations and invalid activity to protect the users, publishers, and advertisers and target audience who make up the advertising ecosystem.
  2. We notify publishers and take action for policy and invalid activity at the site level.
  3. There are times when we need to suspend or disable accounts because of unwanted activity.

Steps to Reset a Google Account suspension

If your account is suspended by an automatic spam detector, you need not be worried. Reviving your account is very simple.

STEP by Steps Guide for Reapproval:

  • Open Google login page via Gmail
  • Enter email address
  • Enter Password
  • Now Google will ask to verify the account via mobile number.
  • Enter a registered or new phone number with the account.
  • You will be sent a PIN for your phone number.
  • Enter the OTP in the box provided.
  • You will be prompted to a new page, which will allow you to log in again.
  • Simply Enter Your Email again
  • Enter your password.
  • Hit the ENTER button
  • Finally, you logged into your Google account.
  • Congratulations!!

Steps to Restore a Suspended User:

  • Being a G Suite administrator, you are able to restore suspended user accounts that may be:
  1. Manually suspended by you (or another administrator) for temporarily blocking their access.
  2. Automatically suspended by systems for being at risk.
  3. Gmail for exceeding the account limits, automatically suspended the account.
  4. Users can sign in and access all their services and data
  5. Once restored, you receive emails, calendar invitations, and so on, just as before you were suspended.


  • Sign in to the Google Admin console.
  • Click Users.
  • Under Filters at the side of the user list, choose the suspended user’s filter.
  • Click Filter button to see Filters
  • To go to their account page, click the suspended user’s name
  • On the user’s account page, click Settings and choose Restore User.
  • To see your suspended account, you must be signed in with an account that has the suspended AdWords campaign.
  • Users have privileges enabled, such as Super Admin or User Management Admin.

Airlines Flight Booking campaign Account suspension for policy violation(s)

  • Our program policies are in place to ensure a positive experience for everyone.
  • Who contributes to the advertising ecosystem?
  • When we come across a violating site, we either

a) Send a warning message asking you to fix the site

b) Disable the ad serving the site immediately if the violation is severe.

  • If policies are repeatedly or egregiously violated, then we need to move beyond action at the individual site level.
  • It is an opportunity when, temporarily, your Google Ads account may be suspended due to circumventing systems to review all of your content, fix violations, and put safeguards in place so as to help ensure your policy compliance.
  • Log into an account for more information and review your violation history.
  • Tips on monitoring sites for clarification about our policies and policy violations.

Airlines Flight Booking campaign Account suspension for invalid activity:

  1. Your Google Ads account suspension for no reason gives you time to investigate the sources of invalid activity.
  2. blocking while identifying that Google Ads account suspended for suspicious payment activity and traffic, and put measures in place to have clean traffic.
  3. Sources of invalid activity may also be identified with this method.
  4. Suspensions are not appealable.
  5. We recommend learning Aviation Google PPC how to segment your traffic, so we also provide training for travel call campaigns to help you best understand, monitor, and evaluate the traffic to your site.

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For flight booking Google Ads PPC campaign setup, call us at +91-9815770276 and join @ ppc.tiger Skype ID.

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