How to Create Airlines Flight Ticket Booking Google Ads Campaign?

If you want to know how to create an airline flight ticket booking Google Ads campaign ? then you are absolutely at the right place because, as a PPC expert and trainer, our Google Ads team has come across this question various times and today we are going to answer it.

There’s always something that is not wanted. Even digital marketing is not untouched by this fact.

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How to Create Airline Flight Ticket Booking Campaign? Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo

How to Create Google Ads Airline Flight Ticket Booking PPC Campaign

Well Adding negative keywords is an important task in the Google AdWords strategy. For bigger PPC campaigns, it has to be done more regularly but for smaller campaigns, it can be scheduled at least once a month –  Google Adwords PPC Services for Air Ticketing Websites | Fight Booking PPC Calls.

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I would like to give you an example, as it is easy to understand more clearly through an example.

When we add “free” as a negative keyword to our campaign or maybe ad group,. We basically tell AdWords not to show our advertisement for any search containing the term “free.”

Display Network, Our ad is less likely to appear on a site when your negative keywords match the site’s content. This is how it happens.

“Over your PPC campaign, regain control by adding negative keywords.”

Few Airlines PPC Ads Campaigns Negative Keywords:

Add keywords that indicate that the person isn’t actually searching in order to convert. Suppose at “arrival times” (person picks somebody up), “hotel” (the person is looking to eat at the airport) or anything you can think of that keywords could trigger in modified broad/phrase. The number of no-go keywords is less the impressions you get for shitty traffic. Money saved is money spent on higher CPC, better CTR and fewer clicks that never convert.

  • Mileage Plus
  • Airlines baggage
  • Check-in
  • Airlines stock
  • Ticket inquiry
  • Airlines ticket
  • It’s status
  • Airlines ticket rates
  • Ticket fare
  • Airlines ticket offer
  • Airlines incident
  • Reservations
  • Airlines Twitter
  • Ticket status
  • Airlines ticket price
    Negative keywords are basically phrases and words that we do not want searchers to associate with our products and services. You can also run PPC Services for Air Ticketing Website, Google Ads for Flight Booking, Airlines Calls.

B2B Marketers May Consider the following Negative Keywords:

While setting up Bing and Google Ads campaigns for flight booking calls, these are negative keywords :

  1. Club
  2. Clubs
  3. Gift
  4. Consulting
  5. Photo
  6. Consultants
  7. Photograph
  8. Photographs
  9. Gifts
  10. Picture
  11. Pictures
  12. Online
  13. Pend
  14. Pending

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  • If your paid search campaign suffers from a low click-through rate.
  • If you are wasting money on ads targeting vague or irrelevant keywords.
  • Over the CPC campaign, adding negative keywords regains control so as to stop showing ads to the wrong people.
  • Since traditional keywords trigger ads to display for relevant searches.
  • These keywords prevent ads from being triggered.
  • To anyone searching for anything that contains your negative keyword the search networks will be aware of showing your ad.

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