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The life of people has been digitized. Almost every person has been dependent on the internet for finding services/ products. People spend most of their time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So that is why a different segment of companies are giving more importance to SEO Training. To target millions of people for their services.

Call us to Join the Best Digital Marketing Course in Mohali. Online marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. It is a booming career option in India.

Meet Your Course Trainer [Mr. PAL]

PAL Trainer - Digital Marketing Course in Mohali
PAL Trainer – Digital Marketing Course in Mohali

8 years of Experience in Digital Advertise Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization, ROI Analysis, UX/UI, ORM, Advance Technical SEO, Google AdWords PPC for tech support calls.

Especially in startup companies, IT companies. Banking & Finance sector, Real estate firms, Education Academies. Call us and book a demo for the best Course Institute for Internet Marketing training in Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Lucknow.

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They are investing in the largest budget of the fund on digital marketing & hiring millions of students for online marketing. Digital Marketing is a vast field with a variety of different segments like SEO, PPC, SMO & ORM etc. You just need to identify your interest & make a career in your field. We are based in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur, and Lucknow.

You need to identify your interest & make a career in your field.

Digital Marketing training provided by us(Digital marketing course in Mohali)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the technique to optimize the website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. So that the website rank on top of the first page of search engines on target keywords. Our SEO training module is based on the Google algorithm. SEO is of two types i.e. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Types of SEO

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is that in which you can make the best use of different parts of your website that affect search engine ranking. The ranking of the website depends upon factors including keywords, title, content, page speed, etc. On-Page SEO is all about optimizing the parts of your website that are in your control.

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is also known as Off-site SEO, it focuses on the actions that are to be taken outside the website that can impact the Rankings on the search engine result pages. Along with On-page SEO  Off-page SEO has different factors that help the site to rank which include linking domains, linking pages, the relevance of links, home page links, etc.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Social media optimization is making a website and its content and optimizing it for sharing on social media or other networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. SMO is an on-page modification on the website. SMO is similar to SEO its goal is to increase traffic and awareness about the website. SMO is all about pulling customers to your site and encouraging them to spread the content online.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Social Media Marketing is the next step to Social media optimization. It is the use of a number of social sites to promote or aware the general public of the products and services of a brand, community, etc. As we know there are billions of people who use social media worldwide so through SMM it is easy to aware people. Through this you easily get to know what the general public is looking for or about their interest, you just have to make a strategy and execute it successfully. SMM is an off-page modification of the website.

Social Media Marketing platforms:

  1. Facebook: Facebook is one of the best and most popular sites in the world. Millions of people use Facebook every day. Facebook is considered to be the best platform to market your goods and service. It can be promoted in various forms like videos, slide shows, Pictures, etc. By using this marketing platform you can reach a large number of people in very little time. It can help you to target your audience and boost traffic to your website.
  2. Instagram: Instagram marketing is growing substantially. It is an ideal platform for brands with products that are visually incorporated into visual media. Through posts and stories, you can boost traffic to your website, Instagram ads are directly linked to the product page. Through this customers easily go to your page and buy stuff.
  3. Twitter: Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels for breaking news and engaging with big or small influencers. Twitter promotes tweets easily to the targeted audience you just have to target the audience. There are twitter ads that help you to promote your product or service easily.
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It is advertised largely to a corporate audience. They advertise through photos and videos displayed on newsfeeds to reach a large audience.
  5. YouTube: Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the world. YouTube marketing is the practice of promoting a product, brand or service on YouTube. It includes creating long videos or making YouTube shorts on your product or service. YouTube has massive traffic and viewers so if you promote your product or service on this platform it gives a great outcome. Weather your business is online or offline YouTube marketing is an essential strategy to help your business to move forward.

 SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM & Digital marketing course in Mohali
SEM & Digital marketing course in Mohali

Search Engine Marketing is an online strategy that tends to aim in increasing the visibility of your website in the search engine result pages.  It includes the strategies like rewriting the content or the framework of the content just to increase the ranking of the website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing
Email & Digital marketing course in Mohali

Email marketing is considered to be one of the oldest but still effective methods of marketing. It is an act of sending promotional messages to people. It is accessible to all age groups and most affordable marketing technique. You can make a list of the customers according to their interests and send them emails according to that. There is no boundary restriction in email marketing you can send emails around the world. It gives instant results as you can see the results after sending the mails. It can be of two types i.e. personal mails and professional mails.

Digital Display marketing

Display marketing technique
Display marketing Technique

Digital Display Marketing is the advertising of a brand/business on digital platforms through banners, text and image content. Display marketing is one of the strongest marketing platforms to market products and services. Through this, you can reach a large number of customers in very little time. Several brands around the world use this marketing technique for their products and services.

Types of  Digital Display Marketing

  1. Banner Ads: These are the most common display advertising format that showcases a product\brand and links to the website. This format is measurable, affordable ad effective. To make an effective banner you have to place ads correctly on the banner,  maintain a hierarchy, make it simple but attractive, use animation and most important make your text readable so that everyone can read that and your brand get publicity.
  2. Video ads: Video advertisements are one of the most effective forms of ads. These are slightly expensive but worth it. YouTube, Instagram are leading apps through which marketers promote their videos. They can attract a large number of customers just by creating a video.
  3. Interstitial ads: These are full-screen ads that were shown in different apps and cover the whole app. After seeing these ads users gave two options whether to open these ads or skip. These are shown in different formats like images, videos etc. When it was shown in image form they were closed directly and in video form users have to wait for some time to skip ads or sometimes have to watch the full video.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing training
Mobile marketing training in Chandigarh

Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims at reaching an audience through smart phones, tablets or other mobile media. This can be done through SMS, MMS, emails, social media and other apps. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone and spend most of their time on that so it’s easy to show them your ads or send them a message related to your product\service and let them buy your product or promote it.

Website Analytics

Website training
Digital marketing course in Mohali 2024

Website analytics is the process of collecting, Analyzing and processing the website data that you have. Through this, you can easily check how effective your site has been and if there is any problem in the site so how can you solve that and make it effective to boost traffic to your site. Under this, you can check how many times a user has visited your site and leaves without doing any activity. Well organized data collection increases the results of advertisements.

Affiliate Marketing

Advance affiliate marketing
affiliate & digital marketing course in Mohali

Affiliate marketing is an advertising module in which a company pays others to advertise for their goods and services.  Through this, you can easily market your product on a low budget, with less time and low effort. Affiliate marketing is skill-based you don’t need any degree for this. Almost all big firms like Google, Amazon, etc. have affiliate programs and anyone can join this program. There are 4 simple steps how affiliate marketing works:

  1.  Join Affiliate program (on Amazon, Google, etc.)
  2. Pick a product which you want to promote (Shampoo, Phone, etc.)
  3. Now you can share this link on different platforms (Social media, YouTube, etc.)
  4. Through that link, if someone purchases anything then you can earn a commission.

These are simple steps to how affiliate marketing works.

PPC  Marketing

PPC Marketing training
PPC Marketing & Digital marketing course in Mohali

PPC stands for Pay per Click. It is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. In short, we can say you only pay for advertising if the ad is actually clicked. Google ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads are the most popular platforms of PPC. This model is based on keywords, you have to choose the keywords wisely if you choose effective keywords there are higher chances of the increasing product range.

Our PPC training module is based on the following techniques are:

PPC introduction:

You will learn every aspect of PPC like AdWords Introduction & PPC basic, landing page, PPC campaign, PPC terms, Quality score.

PPC keywords research:

PPC is depending on the best keyword research. You will learn more about Keywords research, Positive & Negative Keywords, Keyword analysis.

Campaign set up & management:

In this, you will learn how to set up PPC campaign & Management, Ad groups, max. CPC Teaching exercise, bidding works management’s, different Mode of Billing.

Ads types:

Types of Ads, Rules for writing ad copy, Ad Policy, Video Ads Creation, Mobile Ads, Facebook PPC. These are forms of PPC  marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing training
Content marketing in digital marketing Course in Mohali

Content marketing is a marketing strategy through which you can attract, engage the audience by sharing or creating videos, articles and other media. To make it successful you have to make it relevant and informative for the people.  There might be a goal which you wanted to achieve through that like some people use content to promote business, create awareness among people, share views on different things you also have to set a goal why to write content and for whom.

  Types of content marketing

  1. Blogs
  2. Case Studies
  3. Memes
  4. Videos
  5. Infographic
  6. Social media

Google Analytics

Google Analytics training
Google Analytics training in Chandigarh

Google Analytics is the most popular tool which analyzes website traffic. In short, we can say that google analytics provides us all the information on who visited our site, what they do, and most importantly what they were searching for. Marketers use this technique to understand the effects of marketing and user experiences. Under this, you also get to know about the bounce rate i.e. how many times the user leaves without interacting

Advantages of Google Analytics

  1. Measure and track website performance
  2. Track traffic of your site
  3. Helps to improve the content
  4. Find target audience
  5. Information about  Visitors
  6. Websites bounce rate

Web Marketing Syllabus includes:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Pay per Click or Search Engine Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Digital Display Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Website Analytics
  9. Video Marketing
  10. Planning Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns
  11. Google Certifications

Internet Marketing COACHING MODULES(Digital marketing course in Mohali)

Online Reputation Management (ORM ) training module:

ORM is one of the best parts of Digital marketing. Today ORM has the largest scope in the digital marketing industry. It is used to maintain the brand image of businesses on the internet. Like most politicians, businessmen & companies. startup companies approach the ORM for their brand image.

Keyword strategies:

  • Long Tail Keyword, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Reporting, Keyword Selection, Keyword Tools and Competition
  • On-Page SEO & Off-page SEO:
  • You will get knowledge of 360 degree SEO techniques like WordPress, article optimization, Title tags, Meta keywords, Meta description, Keyword density, Robots txt file, and sitemap.
  • Social Media Optimization & Social Media Marketing:
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Marketing tips, fan pages, likes.
  • Search Engines tools & Updates:
    know more about Google Analytics & webmaster tools etc. Latest updates of Google like Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird etc.

Job Opportunities (Digital Marketing course in Mohali)

  1. Digital Marketing Trainer
  2. Content Creator
  3. SEO Executive
  4. Promote your own site
  5. Social Media marketing expert
  6. Search Engine Marketer
  7. Digital agency account manager
  8. Owns digital marketing Company
  9. Works as freelancer
  10. Affiliate Marketer
  11. Email Marketer
  12. Data analyst
  13. Web developer

Who can join This Digital Marketing course in Mohali?

  1. Business Owners
  2. Students
  3. Digital Marketing Specialists
  4. Sales professionals
  5. Marketing consultants


You will learn about Bidding Types, First Page Bids, Top Page Bids, Manual Bidding and much more.

Along with the digital marketing course in Mohali, We also provide digital marketing courses in Panchkula, Digital marketing training in Chandigarh, a Digital marketing course in Chandigarh, Digital marketing training in Mohali

Digital Marketing Course in Mohali, Digital marketing training in Chandigarh, Digital marketing course in Chandigarh, Digital marketing training in Mohali.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2024

Scope of Digital Marketing in India 2024 has increased so much because online Marketing has become an essential factor for every industry during this crucial time of emergency. As the world is changing and digital technology is growing rapidly, it has become necessary for every industry to adopt digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is mainly based on the basics of the internet world, which can be analyzed by any company for the growth and huge success of the marketing. It includes social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and many other types of digital marketing.

The Indian digital market is expected to be worth $71.8 billion by 2024, according to a joint report by Google and KPMG. The report said that the digital sector, which includes e-commerce, online travel and accommodation, and online retail, is poised to grow at a CAGR of 23 percent over the next five years.

The Indian internet user base is expected to grow to a surprising 583 million by June 2024, making India the second-largest internet user base in the world. The Google-KPMG report estimates that digital advertising will be the single largest contributor to the overall digital pie, growing at a CAGR of 23 percent to reach Rs 57,920 crore by 2024.

The Ad world has been in the midst of a revolution for the past decade, and the digital revolution has only made it more exciting! Gone are the times of traditional print and television ads. Now, the ads have become more targeted and measurable.

To explore whether advanced digital marketing is really that good, let us check out the possible impact of this revolution on the media and online advertising industry.

Digital Marketing Course in Mohali – Advanced Training Institute

Learning digital marketing subject is one of the best things you can do for your business along with a big challenge from the advanced training institute.

You will be able to promote your business to a massive audience at almost no cost. Even better, your efforts will bring you returns in the form of more sales, more leads, and more customers and you will, fortunately, end up with huge revenue earnings for your company. We provide impressive digital marketing courses in Mohali along with various cities so that you can change your life in a remarkable way.

Most people now understand that internet marketing is an integral part of the modern business market and the scope of digital marketing is huge. Further, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that people have about the subject of digital marketing training.

You might have heard that digital marketing agencies are always the best option, or that you need a full team to run your online marketing. While some of these statements might be true, this blog will aim to show you the true facts about digital marketing classes in detail.

Online marketing is the latest trend in the online world. Millions of people are working online to earn a good amount of money. Online marketing is the best option for people who have less time to spend on the Internet.

And any other digital medium. Digital marketing is a subset of marketing, which also includes traditional marketing techniques such as mass marketing, direct marketing, and public relations. As a subset of marketing, digital marketing is a component of the marketing process.

Which is the best institute of Internet marketing in Mohali?

There are many institutes in Mohali, Punjab that provide the best training on internet marketing. But if you are looking for the best institute of Internet marketing in Mohali finally, then you are at the right place.

We are one of the excellent institutes of Internet marketing in Mohali. We are providing the best classes on online marketing. You can call on +919815770276 for free assistance in your career.

7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Mohali with Course Details.

Digital marketing is a booming career option. With the increase in the use of digital media for marketing, digital marketing training has become the requirement of the hour. Despite the fact that this field has one of the most lucrative career options, it is also a highly competitive field. With so many courses and digital marketing training institutes in Mohali offering multiple courses in Mohali, it is difficult to choose the best one.

So if you are looking for the best digital marketing courses in Mohali, then you are at the right place in order to succeed in life. The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly and with the increasing use of technologies in business, it is very important to have a clear idea of the hierarchy of online marketing classes.
Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, so here we are providing information on the top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Mohali.

  • Mobile Phones Advertising
  • Display advertising
  • SEO marketing training
  • PPC specialist training
  • Website Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Digital Content Marketing Course

Is a Digital Marketing Training Course Diploma from Mohali Useful?

It can be quite tough to get to the top in the digital marketing sphere. However, a Digital Marketing Training Course Diploma from Mohali can ensure that you are on the right track to success. This is a field that is continuously growing. This is the reason why you should not view the digital marketing field as just a temporary option. It is important that you choose a career that gives you a sense of fulfillment.

The Digital Marketing Training course curriculum is designed to provide you to be a successful marketing specialist. The Mohali Digital Marketing Training course curriculum is also designed to provide students with the knowledge and transform their skills to successfully complete Online Digital Marketing course classes.

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