How to Solve Poor Landing Page Relevance in Bing Ads?

Poor Landing Page Relevance in Bing Ad? Looking for How to Solve Poor Landing Page Relevance in Bing Ads. How to fix showing low ads relevance message on Bing? If you are worried because of these questions, then don’t worry we are here to help you.

POINTS TO BE CONSIDERED for How to Solve Poor Landing Page Relevance in Bing Ads:

Keyword Relevance

Relevant keywords should be chosen. It is the simplest way out to give your Bing Ads Quality Score a boost.

Make sure keywords match ad copy –

  • It is accomplished through creating smaller, tighter ad groups.
  • Often you have specific keywords appearing in ads, which make it better.

Stick to Phrase and Exact Match –

  • Broad match of keywords might help ad appear on a wider variety of searches, but it will surely affect Quality Score on Bing.

Increase Exact Match Keyword Bids –

  • Bidding for exact match keywords than phrase match keywords, increase the likelihood that exactly match keywords will show.

Landing Page Relevance

  •  Bing Quality Score, receive a Landing Page Relevance Score.

Lower your landing page bounce rate –

  • It is an easy way to do it because it is including links to various other parts of your site.
  • A slight drop in conversion rate, see a higher Quality Score and lower CPCs.

Write relevant meta title, keyword, and description tags –

  • Google doesn’t take all this into account while factoring in Quality Score on AdWords,

Add text content with targeted keywords –

  • The keyword-rich product description should be included. along with it.

Landing Page User Experience

  • If the landing page is highly relevant, Bing will surely dock score if the customer experience isn’t up to par.

Improve page load times –

  • If a page takes long to load, various potential customers might quickly lose interest in the site. Bing considers this a negative user experience.

Eliminate Popups –

  • There might not be a quicker way to annoy a customer than bombarding with popups.

Don’t Auto-Play Videos –

  • Tested auto-playing videos on different landing pages over many years, the results are never good.

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